Major installations

A showcase of some of our bigger projects. Our installations set up immersive, multi-sensory spaces which invite you to cross the boundary between mundane and magical.

Some examples:


A break-out space at a conference on the arts and theology where participants could meditate on the question: what keeps you afloat?

Paper boats made from pages of prayer books, blown by a gentle breeze.
What keeps you afloat?
Words to ponder.

Journey into Easter

An interactive, stations-based prayer journey taking participants through the events of the Easter story, from the Last Supper to the Resurrection.

The Cross at the centre of Easter.
Man of Sorrows.
Stones that block can become pathways to something new.
Man of Sorrows.

Hallowed be thy name

An alternative take on Halloween, returning to its original meaning of “All Hallows’ Eve”, a night to focus on life and death, fear and hope.

Road-side memorial.


Marking the turn of the seasons from winter to spring and from darkness into light.

Being hungry and being filled.
New leaves, new life.
Putting the pieces together.
Winter hibernation.